Encroachment on any animal listed in the Red Book of Armenia is inadmissible


Econews.am environmental information platform has warned of the unfavorable conditions of keeping a red-listed brown bear in captivity in the territory of "Nairi Spa Resorts" hotel complex in Hankavan.
By the instruction of Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan, a corresponding letter was sent to the RA  Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources  to survey the case in details, to clarify  circumstances and to assume relevant  measures.
We strongly condemn similar treatment towards animals, urging to refrain from inadmissible, cruel  attitude towards animal species registered in the Red Book of Armenia.
The RA law on "Fauna" streamlining  the sphere is presently  being elaborated. Particularly, it is envisaged to define the procedures for inventory of wild animals kept in captive and semi-captive conditions, including animals registered in the RA Red Book, issuing permits to keep them, and for the use of animals from the second offspring.
Note, that the RA Criminal Code envisages responsibility for killing a brown bear registered in the Red Book of Animals of the Republic of Armenia:
 an administrative fine at the rate of 400-600 times the minimum salary
or detention for 2-3 months with compensation of 1 to 5 million AMD.
In such cases, we once again call for all citizens of the Republic of Armenia to immediately call the Police of the Republic of Armenia, the RA  Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources  or to apply to the Ministry of Environment.