The first session of the newly formed Public Council attached to the RA Minister of Environment will be convened at the end of this month


The acceptance of applications of  candidates for membership in the new Public Council attached to the Minister of Environment has been completed.  The 40 applications for membership in the council were received.
By the order of the Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan, a commission was set up (consisting of Deputy Minister of Environment, Secretary General of the Ministry, Adviser to the Minister, officers of the Strategic Policy Department, Legal Department, Public Relations Division), that will elect the Council members with objective and impartial criteria within 10 days.
In the course of the year-end meeting with environmental organizations operating in the republic, Minister Romanos Petrosyan stated that he expects the newly formed council to be viable, active and constructive in revealing environmental issues, developing programs and roadmaps, as well as policies directed  to enhance the sphere.
This advisory  body should come up with consulting propositions and conclusions on various issues in the sphere of environmental management, establish constructive and balanced cooperation frameworks with various non-governmental organizations, and, if necessary, involve various experts.
After the formation of the final staff of the Public Council attached to the Minister, at the end of this month, the first session of the council is envisaged.