Summarizing completed grant projects in Syunik region


The executive body of “Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia” (SPPA-A) project  is the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia.
Meghri Women's Resource Center (MWRC) NGO, which won the grant in the frames of the SPPA-A Small Grants Component (SGC), implemented “Visit Meghri” project in the enlarged community of Meghri, Syunik region, with the main focus on promoting ecological and agricultural tourism in the community, by improving and developing infrastructures. 
The main outcomes of the project:
Formed 17 host families and 12 young guide groups, for whom trainings and consultations were organized. The two-day study visits were organized for the group of guides, the first to Vayots Dzor, the second to "Areviq" camp of "Zangezur" Biosphere Complex”, with the development of a hiking route and overnight stay.
Support funds were transferred to the host families, directing those financial resources to provide and improve the necessary conditions for the guest houses, including the rehabilitation of bathrooms, repairing and furnishing  of guest rooms (bed, linen, curtains), yard landscaping, furnishing a wine tasting room, meanwhile making their own investments.
Besides the trainings for the host families, a three-day study visit to Kalavan, Yenokavan and Dilijan was organized for the beneficiaries; the latter got acquainted with the conditions of hospitality, where organizing of hospitality with the use of local-rural resources was signified, business success stories were illustrated to the participants, and new interesting ideas were fostered with thereof. Also, there were held hiking, a one-day trail to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
A database of community attractions, guest houses, host families,  rural farms, other stakeholders, organizations has been created, a collection of photos has been made thereof.
"Visit Meghri" information center has been set up in the hall of "HamTes" teahouse-studio of MWRC NGO, and on the 2nd floor - a workshop-hall for carpet-making.
Residents engaged in the production and sale of agricultural products have been provided with consultations, the latter are involved in the routes.
Relevant  technical means have been supplied for MKRK NGO, the application of which will contribute to advancing tourist destination attractiveness in the region and ensuring new flows.
 6 videos presenting Meghri were made; prepared and made souvenirs (magnets, cups) symbolizing Meghri, 10 advertising panels, "Visit Meghri" bilingual Armenian/English information booklets.
 Instead of 5 routes envisaged by the project, 7 routes have been developed.
The beneficiary carpet weavers of the NGO have designed and weaved the carpet details, thus the tailors made a new collection of souvenirs from them.
5 memorandums of cooperation have been signed in Meghri region to enhance tourism, direct individual tourists, tourist groups and hikers to Meghri.
"Visit Meghri" website platform has been created, where the posted information is regularly updated.