The seized area was returned to the administration of "Sevan" National Park


By the instruction of the Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan, the dismantling of illegal buildings and structures in "Sevan" NP has embarked on.
Illegal buildings are dismantled ranging from the public beach of Sevan to the coastal areas across the peninsula.
A fenced stone half-built building was dismantled, the owner of which had a terminated contract.
In the course of the previous meeting with the staff of "Sevan" National Park SNCO, Minister Petrosyan reaffirmed the determination of the Ministry of Environment to free the shores of Lake Sevan from illegal buildings and structures.
"Similar consumption of national wealth is not allowable. Our primary task is to free exclusively state-owned property from illegal pavilions, unauthorized buildings and structures, fences, and to establish the rule of law in this sphere of vitality in the nearest future.
There is the essential  political will to solve the problem: restoration of Lake Sevan’s ecosystem implies new approaches and concepts for the development of Sevan basin and adjacent settlements. We must do everything possible to realize that vision": the Minister stated.
The dismantling works will be in progress.