The status of "freeing Sevan from chains" is continued with great vigour


By the instruction of the Minister of Environment Romanos Petrosyan, the process of dismantling illegal buildings and structures, pavilions, fences and cleaning up the areas from garbage is in progress in the coastal areas under "Sevan" NP SNCO.
 In this phase, illegally constructed buildings at an altitude of below 1901.5 meters, fences of recreation areas, half-built stone buildings, iron huts and pavilions are dismantled.
Presently, the works are executed along the public beach of Sevan, in coastal areas from the public beach to the peninsula and in lakeside areas adjacent to the the boat dock on Lake Sevan.
 The relevant supervision over the coastal areas and the dismantling of illegal buildings and structures are instrumental in ensuring the conservation of the water resources of Lake Sevan and its catchment basin, flora and fauna and ecological subsystems.
Full-fledged works are supervised, since their volume depends on the insufficient potential of "Sevan" National Park. The process of expanding and strengthening those capacities has already embarked on; new equipment will be soon supplied, which will be used to make the shores of the lake dignified and to apply discipline.