On March 6, at 12:00 public hearings will be held over the production draft of pumiceous sand mine in Goravan


In accordance with the 1st point of the 2nd paragraph and 7th paragraph of Article 26 of the RA law on "Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise" /21.06.2014 HO-110-N/, as well as according to the defined order of the 46th paragraph of the 6th chapter of the Annex of the GoA (19.11.2014) N1325-N decree on March 6, at 12:00, public hearings will be held in Goravan village administration, the RA Ararat region, over the  production  draft of the  sand mine of pumice in Goravan.

The documents can be found in the RA Ministry of Nature Protection official website (www.mnp.am), (Yerevan, 29 Komitas), Goravan village administration (tel. 22-02-18, 22-15-68, 098-10-88-88).