On March 17, public hearings will be held over the bid of recycling production of used oil at “G. Nazaryan & Friends” LLC


In accordance with the 1st point of the 2nd paragraph and 7th paragraph of Article 26 of the RA law on "Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise" /21.06.2014 HO-110-N/, as well as according to the defined order of the 35th  and 36 paragraphs of the 4th Unit of the 1st Annex of the GoA (19.11.2014) N1325-N decree on March 17, 2015 public hearings will be held in 70/22 Bagratunyac street, Shengavit administrative district, Yerevan, over the  bid of recycling   production of used oils at “G. Nazaryan & Friends” LLC.

The documents can be found in the RA Ministry of Nature Protection official website (www.mnp.am), (Yerevan, 29 Komitas), at G. Nzhdeh Street 26,  Shengavit District, Yerevan, tel. 22-02-18, 22-15-68, 44-26-98.