Summing up completed grant programs in Syunik region


The executive body of “Support Program for Protected Areas-Armenia” (SPPA-A) project  is the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia.
“Norashenik” Rural Community Center” NGO of Syunik region, which won a grant  in the frames of the SPPA-A Small Grants Component (SGC), performed new energy efficiency  program with the application of the latest  energy efficient means.
The following results were archived within the program scopes:
190 solar luminaires, covering a total of around 150 sq. ft. were installed in the above-mentioned 7 settlements  respectively (the latter are SPPA-A project’s beneficiaries) : 22 - in Chakaten, 29 - in Shikahogh, 19 - in Srashen, 43 - in Tsav, 23 - in Nerkin Hand, 29 - in Geghanush, and 25 - in Dzorastan.
Street lighting of the aforementioned settlements were provided by energy efficient means.
Safe movement of residents has been ensured.
According to estimates, about 50.000 AMD is saved per month, and 600.000 AMD per year, which will be addressed to repairing old infrastructure in the villages.