Dilijan National Park staff of the Ministry of Environment at the fourth meeting-discussion of the Global Environment Facility (GEF)-implemented “Upscaling Global Forest Watch in the Caucasus Region” regional project


The purpose  of “Upscaling Global Forest Watch in the Caucasus Region” regional project  is to empower decision-makers in government and civil society with technology and information to help reduce deforestation, facilitate commitments to restoration and conserve forest biodiversity by developing innovative user-friendly tools that easily share information, provide on-the-fly analyses.
In the course of the fourth meeting, the Director of REC Caucasus and Project Manager N. Harutyunyan discussed the results of the previous meeting with the working group and briefly presented the following topics of the training:
The possibility of mapping the restoration of coastal buffer zones along rivers in Armenia,
Climate change and rehabilitation of forests / lands
Carbon cost-benefit modeling of forests / land restoration, carbon benefit assessment,
Key factors in forest and land restoration,
Analysis of the outputs of success main factors, following the example of Armenia,
Providing  of an interactive Forest Atlas of Armenia,
Introduction of the main features of Forest Atlas tools of Armenia,
Illustrating of land use data in the Atlas, satellite data on forests, national spatial / non-spatial data,
 Presentation of database and search engine,
 Discussion of database panel structure,
Land, land use, degraded landscapes - the main problems of land use and land degradation in Armenia,
Analysis of the proposals of the technical working group: ways and examples to address problems,
 Causes of land and  forest land degradation, ways of elimination, examples from the works supervised in Armenia,
Opportunities for restoration of forest landscapes in Armenia
Landscape restoration, forest, community: what are the measures to achieve the best results?
 The instances of projects fulfilled in Armenia, achievements.
The project will enable the improvement of forest management, biodiversity conservation, as well as capacity-building of the structures playing a pivotal role in the sphere.