Melitaea vedica Nekrutenko, 1975



Status. A rare species of restricted distribution. According to IUCN criteria categorized as Endangered EN B1a+B2a.

Brief description. A medium–sized butterfly (the length of the forewing is 16-18 mm). The ground color of the wings is yellowish–ochreous. The fore and hind wings are marked with evenly arranged black spots.

Distribution. Endemic of Armenia.

Distribution in Armenia. Recorded on the western slopes of the Geghama Ridge, in Khosrov Forest Reserve (Garni and Khosrov areas) and nearby the Mt. Eranos.

Habitats. Cobblestone rocky stone accumulations covered with xerophytes vegetation of mid mountain belt.

Biological traits. Flies in a single generation from mid–May to June. The larvae develop on the plant of Serratula serratuloides. Third and fourth instar larvae winter.

Population size and its trends. Abundance is rather high, with perceptible alterations in different years.

Major threats. Degradation of steppe ecosystems because of overgrazing.

Conservation measures. Protected in Khosrov Forest Reserve.

Suggested conservation measures. Incorporation of species habitats on the Mt. Eranos to Khosrov Forest Reserve.


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