Agrodiaetus neglectus Dantchenko, 2000



Status. A rare species of restricted distribution. According to IUCN criteria categorized as Endangered EN B1a+B2a.

Brief description. A Small–sized butterfly (the length of the forewings of males are 15–20 mm), the ground color of the wings is blue with silky iridescence, the distal parts of the wings are black, sometimes up to discal cell, the females are bown. The underside is grey, with discal and postdiscal spots, white stripe is sharp. The exact determination is possible on the basis of karyotype CN=25, that is specific for the species.

Distribution. Endemic of Armenia.

Distribution in Armenia. Recorded in the Syunik Province: on the southern slopes of Meghri mountain range, near the village Lijk and to the north of the village Shvanidzor.

Habitats. Dry meadows along the timberline at the altitudes of 1400–1900 m above sea level.

Biological traits. Flies in a single generation from mid–July to mid–August. The larvae develop on the Astragalus species (Astragalus robustus complex). Second instar larvae winter.

Population size and its trends. Abundance is not high. Trends in changes of abundance are unknown.

Major threats. Overgrazing, development of infrastructure (road construction).

Implemented conservation measures. Protected in Arevik National Park.

Suggested conservation measures. Incorporation of species habitats to the reserve zone of Arevik National Park.

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