Diplorhoptrum juliae Arakelian, 1991



Status. A rare species of very limited distribution. According to IUCN criteria categorized as Critically Endangered CR B2a.

Brief description. A very small–sized ant, the length of the body of worker individuals is 1,5–1,9 mm, that of females is 5,2–5,5 mm. The length of the body of males is 4,2–4,6 mm. The colouration of worker ants is light yellow, the sexual individuals are light brown.

Distribution. Endemic of Armenia.

Distribution in Armenia. Known only from the type locality: Aghveran Gorge, near the Arzakan village (Kotayk Province).

Habitats. Oakeries, glades.

Biological traits. Social insects building their nests under the stones. Sexual individuals were found in August.

Population size and its trends. A rare species, only few colonies are known.

Major threats. Deforestation, forest treatment with toxic chemicals.

Conservation measures. Protected in Arzakan–Meghradzor Sanctuary.

Suggested conservation measures. Enforcement of protection in the sanctuary, restriction of use of insecticides in forests.

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