Cataglyphis machmal Radtschenko & Arakelian, 1991



Status. A rare species of severely restricted distribution. According to IUCN criteria categorized as Critically Endangered CR B2a.

Brief description. A medium to large–sized ant (the length of the body is 5,8–11 mm). Only worker individuals are known. The head and the thorax are reddish–brown, the abdomen is blackish–brown. The prominent hairs of coveringsare white or gold, the occiput is covered with 6 pairs of vertical bristles.

Distribution. Endemic of Armenia.

Distribution in Armenia. Recorded on the southern slope of the Mt. Hatis to the northwest of the Akunk village (Kotayk Province).

Habitats. Phrygana.

Biological peculiarities. Social insects. They build their nests in the soil. The period of appearance of sexual individuals is unknown. These ants feed on invertebrates and their dead bodies.

Population size and its trends. Only few colonies are known. Trends in changes of abundance are unknown.

Major threats. Degradation of ecosystems because of overgrazing.

Conservation measures. Not carried out.

Suggested conservation measures. Control over grazing, establishment of a natural monument within the species range.

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