Leontice armeniaca Boiv.


EN B 1 ab(i,ii,iii,iv) + 2 ab(i,ii,iii,iv)

Category. Endangered species. At present one population is known. The extent of occurrence and the area of occupancy are less than 500 km2. The species faces decline of the extent of occurrence and the area of occupancy as a result of the use of habitats for arable lands. It was not included in the first edition of the Red Data Book of Armenia. It is not included in the Annexes of CITES and that of the Bern Convention.

Description. Perennial glaucous herb, 10–25 cm. Subterranean part tuber–shaped, inflated. Leaves terete. Flowers yellow, in racemes. Fruit–oval capsule.

Distribution. In Armenia it is met in Yerevan floristic region (the Ararat Plain, Yerakh mountain range, foothill of Urts mountain range). EOO is 460 km2, AOO is 40 km2, the number of locations is 4. Besides Armenia it grows in Nakhichevan and North Iran.

Ecological, biological and phytocoenological peculiarities. Grows in lower mountain belt, at the altitudes of 900–1200 meters above sea level, in semi–deserts, on dry stony saline slopes. Flowering from April to May, fruiting from May to June.

Limiting factors. Restricted extent of occurrence and area of occupancy, loss/degradation of habitats caused by the expansion of arable lands and grazing.

Conservation actions. No conservation actions. Necessary: survey on population numbers and range, search of new habitats, monitoring of the state of the population.

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