The RA Minister of Nature Protection and the Executive Director of Caucasus Nature Fund discussed the project of 2015 on Specially Protected Nature Areas in Armenia

RA Minister of Nature Protection Aramayis Grigoryan received Caucasus Nature Fund Executive Director David Morrison and RA National Coordinator Arman Vermishyan. The parties discussed the implemented works in specially protected areas in Armenia in 2014. At the meeting there were discussed the programs launches in 2014, remarkably the development of “Dilijan” national park SNCO management plan, assisting program for “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO which will be continual throughout 2015 year.  David Morrison stated that development of “Dilijan” national park SNCO management plan of 2016-2020 will be submitted to the approval of the Ministry of Nature Protection in August. The parties exchanged views about the perspectives of “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO in a new format, as a joint complex. Reflecting upon the tasks to be implemented in 2015Minister Aramayis Grigoryan hoped that the RA Ministry of Nature Protection together with CNF will successfully fulfill all the projects outlined for this year having the aim for strengthening sustainable development perspectives for SPA. David Morrison emphasized that the fund intends to provide 445.000 € for SPA in 2015. The participants outlined the pilot project of biodiversity monitoring envisaged in “Khosrov Forest” state reserve. “Biodiversity monitoring will be the objective impulse to enable to define the degree of implemented preservation productivity”: said David Morrison. Minister Aramayis Grigoryan suggested introducing parallel monitoring program in Zangezur biosphere complex. Considering the problems related to ecotourism development in “Khosrov Forest” state reserve Aramayis Grigoryan made a number of suggestions to the fund representatives, who expressed their willingness to work towards their realization. This year is the first phase of programs realized in “Arpi Lich” national park with the help of partnership between the Ministry and the fund. They highly appreciated the foundation and operation of the national park, stressing the fact that there are grounds for sustainable development of the park. At the end of the meeting the parties agreed to have continual discussions of the working outputs.