Public discussions will be held on the request for a preliminary environmental assessment of the planned multi-apartment residential complex construction works at N. Tigranyan Street 1, cul-de-sac 1, Yerevan, presented by "Ord Development" LLC

"On Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise" by RA Law (21.06.2014 H0-110-Н), as well as by RA Government No. 19.11.2014 of the decision N 1325-Н of 2023 On December 25, at 12:00, at the residence of the head of the Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan, the construction of the multi-apartment residential complex, presented by "Ord Development" LLC, will be held at 1 N. Tigranyan street, dead end 1, Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan. public discussion on the application for the preliminary assessment of the environmental impact of the works (2nd stage).
19.11.2014 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia Proposals and comments on the application can be submitted in writing to the Ministry of Environment, <<Environmental Impact Testing Center>> SNCO within the time limits set by the annex to the decision N1325.
The documents can be consulted on the official website of the Ministry of Environment (, c. Yerevan, Buzand 1/3 address.