The Forest Alliance of Armenia was founded

"ATP" charitable foundation, "My Forest Armenia" environmental non-governmental organization and "Shen" charitable non-governmental organization, uniting for the protection, restoration and afforestation of forests, jointly founded the Forest Alliance of Armenia.
The presentation of the foundation of the Forest Alliance of Armenia took place today. Minister of Environment Hakob Simidyan made a greeting speech at the presentation.
After that, the leaders of the founding organizations of the Forest Alliance presented the mission and goals of the alliance, shared their common concerns regarding the forests of Armenia, and also told about the next steps to be taken. They specifically noted that the Forestry Alliance of Armenia will act in favor of the protection and sustainable management of forests and at the same time aims to support the Government of Armenia in finding solutions related to the preservation of existing forests and the creation of new forests.
Welcoming the founders of the alliance and the participants of the event, the Minister reiterated the importance of joining efforts within the framework of measures to fulfill Armenia's commitments on climate and adaptation to the effects of climate change and risk mitigation.
"Joining efforts is a good best solution in terms of achieving our goals and overcoming challenges.